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upntaipeinews-3/2-09-taipei dinner news-taipeicity news-immediate care "- three little sister in the story of Du
Immediate care "- three little sister in the story of Du

Government implemented the "immediate care" to help disadvantaged families story. In three schools in Neihu Du girl father a few days ago that medical services are needed to support a car accident, can not afford due to lack of means, by public Neihu District Office, the household registration offices, schools, public interest groups, in office and good-hearted people to help United to restore the confidence of broken families.

Du girl living Luchou including Lakes, the three students in his second year with the single-parent father, sister相依为命; father due to a car accident a few days ago, were seriously injured and was admitted to hospital intensive care unit of Cathay Pacific.

Living at home was already difficult, Mrs father owed by health care costs, emergency medical treatment at their own expense when, huge medical expenses, so that DU girl suddenly at a loss. Fortunately, the hospital told Mrs Xiaomei relief for health insurance fee loan, you can "health status" for medical treatment. Du Xiaomei relief for the processing of loan applications to the home affairs office household registration transcript, a very young age because of concerns about father will risk their lives, several times choking tears, causing concern households Director; know the situation, the Director personally to the District Office to assist Du girl health insurance counters for Units. Counter staff was informed that the plight of DU girl immediately informed "immediately taking care of" ad hoc, after review, visit the next day Mrs girl received emergency aid that is the maximum amount of 3 million, to resolve pressing Xiaomei Du.

At present, Du father has been out of the woods, from ICU to general ward, hospital stay, length and Luchou ri-ri-General has taken the initiative to care, to assist Father Du temples and other public bodies to apply for relief. Also notify the School District Office, will include case Dujiatai dos counseling, to console the little girl's trauma, care for their healthy growth.

Du girl at a government, non-profit organizations and the joint efforts of kind-hearted people who can immediately ride out the storm. Would like to take this model to play a social assistance function, to help more people in need of help.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
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upntaipeinews-3/2-06-taipei dinner news-Hao attended the Mayor to write "large and medium-sized positive" plaque杨家麟Teacher font calligraphy exhibition at Yang Teacher emphasize cooperation with the city, the traditional culture of Chinese calligraphy will be saved
Mayor to attend the writing, "large and medium-sized positive" plaque杨家麟Teacher font calligraphy exhibition at Yang Teacher emphasize cooperation with the city, the traditional culture of Chinese calligraphy will be saved

Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin yesterday (2) day to attend at that time responsible for producing "large and medium-sized positive" plaque fonts, 88-year-old senior at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial杨家麟Teacher Calligraphy Exhibition held that the Chinese character is the city government are actively promoting the culture of education policy, one of the beginning of this year Chinese Cultural Festival City Department of Cultural Affairs, "ten thousand people brush" also set the Guinness Book of World Records. Mayor Hao stressed Yang Teacher and trust through cultural and educational units in the implementation of the city, the traditional culture of Chinese calligraphy will be preserved.

Hao Mayor said that Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is our common memory, but also about young people falling in love are often the spots go, it is well-known landmark of Taipei City, Taiwan Chiang Kai-shek Memorial visiting tourists must not missed to this photo. 96 End of the year, the Ministry of Education has not been public discussions, on went the "large and medium-sized positive" words removed, when the City Department of Cultural Affairs to immediately launch historic preservation mechanism to stop this behavior, I am glad to now have been the text of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Council set for national monuments, large and medium-sized positive plaque also a good save, I believe that the CCPD and the Ministry of Education must be set large and medium-sized positive铜字and other related objects to display proper way.

Hao said the mayor, calligraphy, although currently not included in primary and secondary school curriculum, but the City Department of Education School is still active at all levels usually must have to train our students to write calligraphy, calligraphy brush is therefore already included in City schools at all levels of education is one of important . Hao mayor said he hoped the teacher let Yang know that the city apart from Yang Teacher appreciation of calligraphy has long been the implementation of the contribution of culture, the Taipei City Department of Education also has been working to implement the study of calligraphy.

Hao Mayor speaking at the ceremony paid special tribute to Dr Teacher domestic calligraphy are cultural treasures, Teacher Yang hoped that through this exhibition and the promotion of the city, so that traditional culture can be carried forward. Teacher because Yang has rheumatoid joint pain can not long stand, so had to be "large and medium-sized positive" written yesterday at the scene long depiction brush along the two words have again, reproduce the time of writing the history of large and medium-sized positive scenes . Subsequently, Yang proud disciple of the Teacher Miss Zhang Yuzhu is also presented on behalf of all his disciples to a brush to write the "New Poems," a tribute to the Teacher Yang.

Teacher杨家麟said the exhibition features works of his life essence of 100 pieces, Hao He thanked the Mayor and other guests of honor. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial pailou Speaking on the "big positive," he said words to Ou Yangxun body, then by the late President Chiang Kai-shek's confidential secretary designated by Chin Hsiao-yi, Wang Yangming's source for Chuanxi recorded: "Performances likelihood of large and medium-sized to the positive carry. "Mr. Qin at the request of the time limit to complete this for one giant, and in accordance with eight linked pailou hang time. "Large and medium-sized positive" is not only important country tourist attractions, the more important historical and cultural buildings, the political tag was affixed really so distressed him, he hoped that Mr. Ma Yingjiu president as soon as possible to re-hang the words pailou, ten thousand to meet the public's expectations.

March 1, 2009 Sunday
upntoday-3/2-07-taipei lunch news-President of Korea before the handover command chairman Dr. Li Qingshu
President of Korea before the handover command Commission Chairman Dr. Li Qingshu
President Ma Ying-jeou at the Presidential Palace this morning met with UNESCO Korea Branch Vice-Chairman of Korea is also a former chairman of the Committee to guide the handover Dr. Li Qingshu to visit Zongbin to visit Taiwan on behalf of my Government and people express heartfelt welcome Italy.
President said that Dr. Li Qingshu Korea are very status of educators, in international affairs to promote responsibility on reputation, are UNESCO (UNESCO), vice chairman of the Korea Branch.
President further pointed out that Dr. Li served as Korea, Sookmyung Women's University Vice-Chancellor for 14 years, knowledge experience, I believe this visit to Taiwan, Korea and Taiwan will help the two countries to promote cultural, educational and other bilateral exchanges.
The global economic difficulties facing the president said that China's GDP in the 64% are dependent on export markets, Taiwan's economic growth has also been greatly affected, my Government has a number of efforts to promote economic revitalization program, which aims to bring together government with the public, to tide over the difficulties.
In addition to Dr. Li Qingshu appreciation for taking the time to interview the president and said that as head of State, possess excellent qualities of leadership and vision are very important for the President of Horse are that these conditions exist, this is a blessing to all Taiwan people. Faced by the global downturn, she is looking at Korea and Taiwan under the leadership of an outstanding leader, able to spend this one with financial hardship.
Korea before the handover command chairman Dr. Li Qingshu morning audience with the president to come to the Presidential Palace, the National Security Council Advisory Committee Philip Yang is here today.
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upntoday-3/2-06-taipei business news-access mobile phone chain, using killer discount Sinian consumer communications sent 500 yuan over 1000 discount voucher Events
Mobile phone chain, using killer preferential pathway
Sinian consumer communications sent 500 yuan over 1000 discount voucher Events

Your coupons flower all? Do not worry! Sinian Communications in March, using killer ad hoc concessions, launched in spring shock Recreational Club ~ over 1000 sent 500 』activities, will work with consumers to share the joy discount!
Now until the end of March to the Sinian Communications stores across the province are not limited to merchandise, a single consumer that is over 1000 yuan donated Sinian Communications 500 consumer discount coupons for your shopping easier! In addition now to buy Nokia 3120 mobile phone NOKIA 3G ad hoc price as long as the 290, the send the original Bluetooth headset (market price 1,200 yuan)! Sinian consumer discount coupons in the sum of consumption, except to enjoy the original ad hoc special offers may also be used 500 Sinian coupons, cell phone allowance 300 yuan, 3C merchandise hundred yuan, 50 yuan merchandise accessories (2); Sinian coded coupons donated Events only end in March, exchange between the date of May 31, 2009 only. March Madness Aurora coded communications, regardless of the cost with your Fun!
Sinian Communications intentions for your province, carefully set up a provincial area coupons burst 』, select 3G mobile phone, 3C merchandise, etc. combination to save money, as well as Eee PC 701SDX plus the introduction of 3.5G network card shocked the market price of the ad hoc 0! Coupons 『』 area burst province not only 3600 yuan coupons buy near the market price of high-grade million cell phone, Sinian Communications and United well-known brands feedback discount cell phone simultaneously. Variety of best-selling 3G mobile phone NOKIA 6120c including coupons as long as the ad hoc price of 990 yuan, 6690 yuan immediately province, SONY ERICSSON K660i coupons ad price 990 yuan, 6,000 yuan immediately province, another contains the ASUS R300 GPS navigation machine, EPSON PM215 Camera Printing, BENQ E800 800 megapixel camera with coupons as long as all the special 3600 yuan!
In addition to coupons blasting area outside the province, also in March Sinian Communications 『consumption increase over 3600 accessories purchased』 activities limited, as long as a single store in the province's consumption of 3600 yuan or above, you can enjoy ultra-low-cost fare accessories merchandise purchase concessions. Accessories include a limited set of mobile jelly, paste the screen saver and beautiful ornaments, Bluetooth headset, etc., are provided near the market price tickets from the ultra low-cost discounts, value preferences, limited buying!. Sinian Communications Goodies waves to save money, purchase send the diverse ethical Spring, seized a good opportunity to take cheap fast!
Sinian province door communications market, providing that contains Far EasTone Telecommunications, Taiwan Mobile, Vibo Telecom, Asia-Pacific Telecommunity, PHS public telecommunications door or renew its bid to host its services; its not-for-door, cheaper mobile phone! There are many other charges As you pick, play each other within the Net for free, allows you to save cell phone bill charges, send the continued success of its Spring shopping bag B, and the province's limited, while far Oh. Events further information, please contact Aurora province door communications market or Sinian Action Digital Net --- http: / / www.auroracomm.com.tw.
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Mitac upntoday-3/2-05-taipei lunch news-computer 2009 in response to impaired Olympic sponsors charity bike roundabout Events Mio GPS satellite navigation to help Zheng Zonghuai Central Units started cycling trip
Mitac 2009 computer in response to impaired Olympic sponsors charity bike roundabout Events

Mio GPS satellite navigation to help Zheng Zonghuai Central Units started cycling trip

(March 2, 2009) impaired the Olympic Games in September 2009 will be in Taipei, Mitac computer's leading brand Mio satellite navigation in order to help Chinese players come on, in particular, to provide Mio LeapK1 GPS mobile phone as a "charity bike roundabout 2009" Events navigation using machine. Events as "Ambassador of Dreams," the hearing-impaired Olympic national team players Huai Cheng, mio Leap K1 in navigation, was launched March 2 full 907 kilometers of the Central Taiwan trip, visits to the counties and cities in nine on for the glory of my country for the hearing-impaired soldiers, gifts Mio LeapK1, and hope that through this one activity, in order to listen to Olympic athletes training in fund-raising expenses.

Mio to participate in this meeting, "2009 charity bike traffic circle" activities is to contribute to excellence Mio GPS functionality, the current MioMap are Taiwan's only built-in remote areas of the navigation map map-funded, the user can use it found the whole numbers 6,170,000 Units number, more than 93 percent coverage, traffic circle at the event, will be able to help "realize their dreams Ambassador" Cheng Huai hand.

Ho, general manager of MiTAC computer Jiwu express, Mio past in Eastern Europe once sponsored the visually impaired Cycling Team Mio Cross Team, and the Cross team at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing with disabilities, access to more than one side of the gold medal. Now, "2009 charity bike traffic circle" is about to open run, Mio hopes to start GPS, and called more friends add a total of riding, to arouse the people to care for hearing-impaired compatriots, together with the Chinese team for the hearing-impaired come on

At present, Huai Cheng at the Taipei City environmental protection during the day as a team unit, with the coach to conduct a series of evening training activities, he said: "Although练车tired, injury is inevitable, but I am enjoying riding freely cars speed and excitement, I The target is in Taipei hosted the Olympic Games in 2009 barrier for the Chinese team won the car side of Freedom medal! "

At the hearing-impaired on the next Olympic Games, Taiwan was ranked fifth in the world of honor, and "2009 charity bike traffic circle," March 2 from the beginning of the road, to 14 day period of 13 days, the itinerary will be arranged to visit a bike车友Units throughout the whole hearing-impaired athletes and gifts MioGPS satellite navigation. Taoyuan roundabout will be starting the whole south, and finally back to Taipei.
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upntoday-3/2-04-taipei lunch news-taipei nforum activity Activity list month (2009.03.02 ~ 03.31)
Events list month (2009.03.02 ~ 03.31)
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Notice From the name of Events
(Subject or topic) Organizers
(Units) start date
(Report time) the full address of
(Activity) data download
(Website link)
ARTC original 4,500 yuan .. now enrollment, special 2,000! 【Course】 【reliability Series bis - cars electric vehicles Product reliability verification technology research and testing centers 2009-03-02
Lugang Township, Changhua County Lugong seven South Road on the 6th data download
joined big business cycda307 Mirror: Quality joining system selection and contract signing to join the Federation of Youth Career Development Association 2009-03-03
Peace Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 150 West Road No. 12 floor-funded

upntoday-3/2-taipei sport news-Softball Association of the Republic of China scheduled for tomorrow (three days) and the United States 14:00 mizuno sponsorship contract signing ceremony held company,
Softball Association of the Republic of China press release

Softball Association of the Republic of China scheduled for tomorrow (three days) and the United States 14:00 mizuno sponsorship contract signing ceremony held company, which is the new chairman of Mr. Pan Yiquan January this year took over, on behalf of the Association the first manufacturers, Softball Association will also formally began July this year to start preparing for the World Games in Kaohsiung, World Championships and the Asian Games next year.
Mizuno long-term support for national women's softball, in the past from the Athens Olympics to Beijing Olympic Games Chinese women's softball is the best partner to provide the most resources and the most advanced equipment, so that the Chinese Taipei team in the long battle to be the most comfortable of equipment, and strive for the best score.
Chinese Society in the January-base reorganization, the newly appointed chairman of the Pan-wide one, the Secretary-General Zhang Xing will lead the national women's softball out of Olympics after the period of new development, and hope for the national women's softball practice to create more dollars, into more engaged in sport population, as well as the international tournament in the future to maintain the best results.
After the ceremony, chairman of the Pan-wide one, the Secretary-General Zhang Xing and the media will communicate the next four years to promote domestic softball direction, and preparation for the Olympic situation.

Sincere welcome to all of you for joining us media guide advanced
Association to provide valuable advice baseman
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upntoday-3/2-18-taipei press conference-2009 Kenting Spring Wave Music Festival press conference press release
2009 Kenting Spring Music Festival and waves press conference press release

Annual most anticipated music festival in Kenting Spring wave finally arrived, and this spring wave concentrated firepower on the day of the bombing of solid rock your blood, electric shock pulse of your electric sound.

This year Kenting Spring Music Festival, like waves in two for two at home, cats nose National Park to attack the mainstream music, this year's performance lineup has therapeutic grade Orchestra delicious planet, pure rock, retro wind and marine Orchestra, Campus Popularity Wang Guang Zhong Lu, the first add a wave spring music festival performed only days after the Fish Leong Girls love songs, into the military for several years chairman of sophisticated creative Orchestra, before a friendly eye dog Lion invited to the spring wave began after the performances in major music awards are awards success The soda green, national days Mayday Mission Rock King of Wu Bai & China Blue Madden performances are first join Wu Bai Lang Kenting Spring Music Festival, is also a Mayday and Wu Bai Chen same day since the first time the complete performance the day has been wonderful extent predictable.

Hengchun Airport denon event this year except the most acclaimed local DJ LIU Xuan and Blueman exclusive performances at the spring of waves, the international hundred big DJ is invited to the 21st century Cytrance Master-Yahel, he is the world's hundred largest Israeli electric sound Wizards to let you personally experience the exotic rhythms of joy! Another is a big hundred for three consecutive years from 30 all the way up to No. 18 this year, romantic Trance Master-Andy Moor (UK), dog-friendly unique eye, Andy Moor three degrees invited to come to Taiwan in Kenting Spring Wave Music Festival heat and light!

Specially designed spring waves hundred female vote Big Wave Events, friendly dog in particular with the MTV and love to send Net Units cooperation, from all over the hot girl can be his favorite bikini according From Net to send entries, closing date from today until March 15 deadline, followed by two weeks until the election by 100 votes Netizen wave female can obtain Organizers made a special dog-friendly wave spring to provide rock bus in Kenting, April 4th wave spring day music festival at Kenting's Restaurant Swimming Pool flourish PK tournament held in Ocean Shores, will be invited to the dinner party movie heroine small泽玛莉亚Zero (Japan) arrived at the scene as a review, with her unique vision of the wave selection of the most hot female,惊艳stimulation welcome you to register.

Chun-Lang Music Festival official website: www.spring-wave.com
Ticket message :7-11 ibon
The official website of the spring wave www.spring-wave.com 02-2356-9888
HOT Kenting Tourism Net www.hotkt.com 08-888-2517
Rock bus www.rockbus.twmail.com 02-2531-6108
Tatsu Net Travel Agency Human www.dotzling.com 08-888-2588
Butterfly Hotel 08-888-2188
Mobile phone booking service, please contact the Mobile Web Channel A www.channela.com.tw 02-2389-1799
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upntoday-3/2-17-taipei press conference-the Executive Yuan invited to an interview with Sports Commission Subject: Sports Commission grant Kaohsiung 2009 World Games will be held related to the issue of funding
Sports Commission Executive Yuan invited to an interview

1, Subject: Sports Commission grant Kaohsiung 2009 World Games will be held related to the issue of funding

Second, time: 3 months 3 day (Tuesday) from 2 pm to 2:30

Three, location:

Four, the organizers: Sports Committee of the Executive Yuan

Friday, inviting target: planar and electronic media
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upntoday-3/2-17-taipei press conference-the Executive Yuan invited to an interview with Sports Commission Subject: Sports Commission grant Kaohsiung 2009 World Games will be held related to the issue of funding
Sports Commission Executive Yuan invited to an interview

1, Subject: Sports Commission grant Kaohsiung 2009 World Games will be held related to the issue of funding

Second, time: 3 months 3 day (Tuesday) from 2 pm to 2:30

Three, location:

Four, the organizers: Sports Committee of the Executive Yuan

Friday, inviting target: planar and electronic media
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upntoday-3/2-16-tourism news-strait direct flights will help to promote the land off of Treasure Island Tour effectiveness gradually emerging business opportunities
Cross-strait direct flights will help to promote the land off of Treasure Island Tour effectiveness gradually emerging business opportunities

About media coverage: a single cross-strait direct flights to Taiwan on land off up to January 4 this year, ten thousand 3 thousand more than 1400 daily average of only mainland tourists, less than half goal, off the anti-Units-ray absorption by the other side, open land outstanding performance by restaurant customers and so on, Tourism Bureau of the Ministry said that since the 97-year in July the official opening of the mainland tourists to Taiwan until 98 years in February, the implementation of seven月余have 91,274 passengers, passengers landing at 3561 Mission to Units sightseeing, daily average visitors from the initial amplification of the 274 passengers to the present has reached thousands of people, the growth rate was as high as 4 times, showing the relevant authorities in order to shorten the running-in stage at the early stage of active open weekday cross-strait charter flights to Taiwan to simplify procedures, relaxation of restrictions and regulations landing qualifications off to Taiwan and the strengthening of market development measures such as publicity and promotion for the expansion of mainland tourists to Taiwan has demonstrated the number of initial results, the emerging tourism market has been successfully carried out.

In order to facilitate mainland residents to Taiwan tourism, has the minimum number of group tourists from 10 people fell to 5 people, to stay in Taiwan from 10 days to 15 days. The mainland will also trip in late January, early February, respectively, approved the release of the first 2 opening up tourism to Taiwan 12 provinces, autonomous regions and 113 operators to come to Taiwan travel agents in tourism, the Taiwan trip will also invite the sea journey will come to Taiwan to study groups, and have to coordinate their speed up the vetting and training administration manager operations, is expected to start in late March. By then, the people come to Taiwan to the mainland tourist trips will grow.

Scholars have about the report, said: After the cross-strait direct flights to and from convenient, "may not attract land passengers, passenger and anti-Units-ray absorption by the other side," should express the Department of Tourism Bureau of the Ministry do not understand the fact, It was 97 years 7-12 The number of people on the mainland for 2,235,383 passengers, compared to 96-year growth rate for passenger -4.7% while the number of visitors to the Department of Land Units is a gradual growth, in particular, 97 December 15 after the start of cross-strait charter flights on weekdays, will not only facilitate the businessmen from both sides of the strait, but will also help to promote the land off to visit Taiwan for sightseeing. Review, the people of Taiwan to the mainland early in the trip in 76 years after opening in November, the development of more than 20 years, there is no "Mission into the Mission of" other relevant controls, and just this July in 97 years need to be open and "Mission Incorporation into the "control the people of the mainland to visit Taiwan for sightseeing, and its foundation and development of open time are different. In fact, the people from the mainland last year, 40.95 million person-trips, one of 30,350,000 people have visited Hong Kong and Macao are, because of the mainland, as Hong Kong and Macao to its jurisdiction for the resolution of an open area, has been 25 years; except due to geopolitical relations mined land transport to arrive, the procedures for the administration to give up also a great convenience, and the situation in China is limited at the early stage can not be compared. The mainland for most of Asian countries are the full liberalization of the beginning of one tourist, but the Asian countries the number of both land and the guests gradually warming trends, to Singapore and Japan for example, Singapore and opening up to 9 years to reach 290,000, and Japan to open the following year Lu also only 390,000 passengers. Therefore, China's open land off only 7 months to achieve this number on the scale, the effectiveness of it is splendid.

Also reflected on the restaurant industry: Tourism Travel Agency failed to tight watch price competition, resulting in land passenger room and board mission is simple, four, five-star restaurant can not benefit from section B, Tourism Bureau of the Ministry clarified that the 97 years since the July 18 opening So far, 94 hotels nationwide have received land off big corporations, one of the most reception for the Taipei Howard Plaza Hotel, 2969 Mission reception of 27,097 passengers, while the reception of more than 200 corporations have 23 hotels, only 4 general tourist hotel had not received land off Mission.

Complex council said that in order to curb the hospitality industry vicious price competition, and enhance the reception quality of the industry and maintain trading order, and opening up has provided quality tours awarded note, standardize the minimum reception standards for at least 80 U.S. dollars per person per night is prohibited at their own expense itinerary, and travel to promote the implementation of security systems, etc.; another in response to future land and gradually increase the number of visitors derived from the industry price-cutting customers to a commission to fill low-fare etc., there are quality auditing program, since 97 December 22 that is sent with the relevant agencies, groups composed of the inspection group to check costs and quality of tourist lost in a fog, has been auditing 32 of 70 corporations receiving agents, where, as found in violation of the provisions to open up, it will depend on the "mainland people in the region Units engaged in tourism activities to license approach "set forth in article 26 to be charged, depending on the seriousness or the closure action.
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upntoday-3/2-15-taipei press conference-juvenile stride against the wind "~ seven major public interest groups launched D-day (Donation-Day) charity donation pick up day" from the prevailing wind juvenile reporter will interview new hope NOTICE
Junior stride against the wind "~

The seven major public interest groups launched D-day (Donation-Day) Day charity donations

"Found" from the prevailing wind juvenile new hope

Reporter will interview NOTICE
Taiwan's interests and welfare of the juvenile league, such as the promotion of seven public interest groups, and committed to promoting the welfare of the whole family to donate money convenience store, on March 4 announced the launch of the official on the 10th for the monthly D-day (Donation-Day) "public good contributions Day ", on this day to invite each person to donate ten million, to support the" juvenile stride against the wind ~ disadvantaged youth employment training program, "to exercise very vulnerable with little money to help wind juvenile" Found "from hope.

Units less by combining the family convenience store League hosted six youth groups to participate in the social welfare of the "juvenile stride against the wind ~ disadvantaged juvenile employment training program," public fund-raising activities, since the beginning of March to launch D-day ( Donation-Day) Day of Action charity donations, calling on the 10th of each month to donate 10 million, with support of one of these in the face of adversity against the wind juvenile growth. March 4 (c) 14:00 pm and invited to attend a public spokesmen范玮琪Units less Christian Action League and the Taipei City Center run by the Friends of "Creative Magic School" and against the wind to share juvenile adhere to their own creativity and dreams encouraging situation is still against the wind in the brave young people work hard to change the face of adversity.敬邀you to the interview here!

"Juvenile stride against the wind" D-day (Donation day) Journalist Day charity donations will flow table

Time: March 4, 2009 (c) PM: 14:00 ~ 15:00

Venue: Friends of the Taipei City Christian Center (Taipei National Road 2)

Host / participants

14:00 ~ 14:15
Introduction stride against the wind juvenile public share day (D-day) the spirit and invites public spokesmen范玮琪Share
Moderator: Units less UNITA propaganda Commissioner


Guests: AU chairman of the solution less Units Huizhen

Juvenile public spokesmen against the wind


Friends of Patrick Wu Yi-feng, director of the Center

14:05 ~ 14:35
Public spokesmen范玮琪with "Creative Magic School" against the wind to share the creative process of the juvenile

Guests: juvenile public spokesmen against the wind


14:35 ~ 14:40
Public sharing of the end of the course. Public spokesmen with classmates, public interest groups photo
Against the wind against the wind范玮琪juvenile juvenile public spokesmen, representatives of various public interest groups

14:40 ~ 14:50

Junior stride against the wind to share the public day (D-day) visit the United reporter.
Against the wind against the wind范玮琪juvenile juvenile public spokesmen, representatives of various public interest groups

Press Contacts: juvenile rights and interests of the Taiwan Alliance to promote propaganda and Welfare Commissioner for Hu耿维0938-828-081
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upntoday-3/2-taipei city & taipei county news-08-14 news
March 2, 2009 Monday
upntaipeinews-3/2-14-taipei county news-Taipei City and Taipei County and Taoyuan County Government cooperation for joint sea
Taipei City and Taipei County and Taoyuan County Government cooperation for joint sea

讯】 【Taipei County today (98) in Taipei County, Taipei City Government and the Taoyuan county government to work together once again organizing the "98 counties and cities in the annual United sea" activities, I hope by the three local governments to cooperate and join forces to strengthen the Sun Guided sea concept, so people better understand the "return to nature" of environmental protection burial law so that domestic funeral culture and ideas with the times. The "United cities and counties sea," the admissibility of application for 98 years during the March 3 until 98 years ended April 15, sea 98 years at the date scheduled for early May, we must, as the walrus conditions. Planning the number of admissible sea 60, the location register separately for the Taipei County Funeral Parlor, Funeral Management Office of Taipei, Taoyuan and Chungli As funeral by funeral.

Government green silicon island to tie in with the vision of building and maintaining the environment for sustainable development and promote the saving of land resources funeral way in 91 years July 17 announced the funeral Management Ordinance, Article 19 stipulates: "The municipalities, counties (cities) competent authority may, with the relevant agencies must delineate the sea, the implementation of the ashes抛洒; or in parks, green spaces, forests or other appropriate place, must delineate the regional scope of the implementation of ashes or sik keep抛洒. "Taipei County Government to tie in with this one policy, first in 93 years announced April 19 ", Taipei County抛洒implementation ashes at sea," Rehabilitation in the Republic of China 94 years December 21 announced the amendment, "Taipei County抛洒sik deposit the ashes of implementation," to actively promote environmental protection of natural burial concept.

Taipei County because the population has 3,837,077 people, the Taipei City population 2,622,090 people, the population of Taoyuan County has 1,960,336 people, making a total of Taipei County, Taoyuan County, Taipei City and a total population of 8,419,503 people, and people crowded narrow, land - limited resources to deal with do not retain the ashes are the most economical way of land resources, the way funeral. In order to comply with public law and environmental protection pluralistic burial to relieve the demand for burial sites, Taipei County, Taoyuan County, Taipei City Government and the go (97) for cities and counties began to cooperate United sea, a total of 43 take part in the dead sea. Their families are very commendable for the Government to help sea matters, and to be able to accomplish the wish of the deceased during his lifetime sea gratified.

In view of the public demand for the sea and over the past few years the family members involved in the favorable response, this (98) in Taipei County, Taipei City Government and the Taoyuan county government to work together once again organizing the "98 counties and cities in the annual United sea" activities, and 3 on at 11:30 on the 2nd in the Taipei County Government Building, 6th Floor, County Administration Press Room press conference jointly held by advocacy. Go play the venue (97) for the joint sea years of documentary film and display is scheduled to give the souvenirs. Hoped that with the three local governments to cooperate and join forces to strengthen the concept of advocacy sea, so that more people know, "back to nature" of environmental protection laws funeral, the funeral domestic reform more step forward.

Taipei County Government Bureau of Civil Affairs said that the "United cities and counties sea," the admissibility of application for 98 years during the March 3 until 98 years ended April 15, sea 98 years at the date scheduled for early May (as the condition of the walrus) Planning, the number of admissible sea for 60, register the location of the Taipei County Funeral Parlor, Funeral Management Office of Taipei, Taoyuan and Chungli As funeral by funeral, now open for application inadmissible.
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upntaipeinews-3/2-13-taipei county news-week county concerned about the countryside Hsichih places of cultural activities and major construction
County concerned about the countryside weeks Hsichih place cultural activities and major construction

【Taipei County County Magistrate Chou Hsi-wei讯】 continued visits to various cities, towns and villages, yesterday (March 1) Get Hsichih Hsichih areas of concern for the progress of major projects, and led the county team at the "children's Performing Arts Festival" tour and inspection of Events "Hsichih City health clinic reconstruction projects. "

Zhou arrived in Hsichih Xiufeng County High School take part in the county Department of Cultural Affairs hosted the "children's performing arts festival" Events, Hsichih mayor Huang Chien-ching, White County珮茹Tang has Kyrgyzstan, Liu Ching-liang and Hsichih City on behalf of the President were present, accompanied by Lin Zhao-xiang, and paniculatum County Department of Cultural Affairs and Min-liang, chairman of Research, Development and Evaluation王振轩and DGBAS Director-yin Lin to participate in activities such as the head of the opening ceremony, and great friends at the scene, the children together Watch Paper Windmill Theater's performances, on-site atmosphere, frequent interaction, County Paper Windmill Theater in addition to certain counties in the North of the roving show hard work and results, and pledged to improve the future will place the number of tour to provide citizens more cultural performances.

Subsequently, Zhou county to carry out "health Hsichih City redevelopment project," inspection, and after listening to Secretary of Health and the Director of the Bureau of high Shuzhen briefings, he expressed satisfaction with the progress of the project and requested the authorities be sure of this (98) End of the year to be completed on schedule. County also hope that 4-story building on the floor of the building after the completion of the new clinic can provide Hsichih residents better, more diversified health-care services.

Finally, Zhou county also held talks with local people at the scene mayor Huang Chien-ching, white珮茹, Mr Liu Ching-leung and Mr Tang have Chittagong Members are accompanied, and in many parts of suggestions, including新台五路and Datong Road, the issue of convergence as well as Jinlong Lake remediation hot topic such as place, details about the county are answered, and entrusted by the relevant Council Department to study the proper treatment as soon as possible to assist the place to solve the problem.
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upntaipeinews-3/2-12-taipei dinner news-taipei county news-North County gold really big run to send payments to send
North County gold really big show to send to send payment!

讯】 【Taipei County Taipei County government in line with the Government Securities issuance of consumer issues, in particular organized by the "North County, together consumption. Award given to you" lottery with a view to boost consumer spending, business opportunities Driven. This event will leave March 16 for Trade and Industry Exhibition Center Wuku four consecutive draw of the first lottery, that day will be an exclusive right of taking a market value of 3,000,000 yuan gold Lucky dog.
Taipei County Government said that the sweepstakes Events since February 2 since the beginning, with an average of 400 calls a day pass for more than obvious that people's concern for the sweepstakes Events. As of February 28 only, for a total of 40,007 received near the draw more than 1000 envelopes to each consumer the amount of 3600 yuan terms, a conservative estimate of total consumption amounted to 100 million 6 thousand Nine hundred million yuan. One of the lucky draw from other cities and counties the number of up to 5 more than 1000 letters, accounting for about 10 percent of all participants by the county government statistics, in Taipei City for the largest, also from Taichung city and county, Pingtung, Kaohsiung, Chiayi, etc. people attend.

Taipei County Economic Development, Secretary Li Bin said that because of the North County total prize sweepstakes Events up to 40 the number of 0, compared to other counties and cities organized by lottery, regardless of the quality and quantity than many In addition to three million yuan worth of gold, the more hybrid cars, motor cars, LCD TVs, notebook computer ..... and so on, one of a value of more than 1 million award as many as 100 more than can be said to be counties lottery organized by the municipal government activities, wrote the largest side of the draw activity.

In order to allow people more convenient delivery sweepstakes envelopes, except the county government at the county government building, the township and county of the Municipal President Chain Store Retail sweepstakes collection boxes set up the other jurisdiction with the County of Carrefour, the Run hair, love to buy, HOLA, Bentley house, Universal Mall, and many city, the Far East department store, SOGO department stores department stores, such as cooperation, sweepstakes additional collection boxes to enhance the convenience of public participation.

Finally, the Economic Development Board, said March 16 the first lottery, the people enthusiastically welcomed the Trade and Industry to Wuku Visitors Center. Too late to take part in a lucky draw of the first people do not disappointed, there are still three months 4,5,6 lottery. Related activities, please pay close attention to the activities of the exclusive site http://3600.tpc.gov.tw, or electricity in 1999 (the County) to contact the 5253 ~ 5272
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upntaipeinews-3/2-11-taipei dinner news-taipei county news, accompanied by Mr Wong林玲玲Lee Chu-ming to visit Zhou County --
Huang林玲玲accompanied by Mr Lee Chu-ming to visit Zhou County

North County 【讯】 "Mr. Baseball" on the 2nd LEE Chu-ming, Taipei County in the afternoon, Mr Wong called on林玲玲accompanied by magistrate Chou Hsi-wei. Lee Chu-ming Zhou county first expressed his thanks and express his personality Troublesome dislike others, for the cause of the disturb everyone feel very embarrassed. Zhou said County, Taipei County is currently pushing "play sports", would have, "Mr. Baseball" This kind of talent to the North County to promote sport baseball is a matter of investment is much larger than gains, though, alas, the cause is not yet mature, hope that the future can also have the opportunity to go to him for the contribution of the North County baseball effort.

Asked about the current job situation, humble Lee Chu-ming said that today (March 2) is his first day on the job, he 7:30 am this morning on the work card, afternoon visit to the North County, Taoyuan County Government has been first reported been prepared, but he brushes for fingerprint cards, the documents on computer procedures are unfamiliar, so feeling a little panic.

Habitat Lee said he is currently the Education Department at Taoyuan Sports Health Branch as contractual personnel, responsible mainly has two, one on the baseball field built in the process of providing advice, and the other is to facilitate the three-tier baseball sport. For the current problem of stray players, Lee Chu-ming said that the confirmation can make two-way, on the one hand there are those who know the players need to work, on the one hand, schools need to know what talents to enable these professionals to help deliver baseball.

Talked about his feelings now, Lee Chu-ming now consider him a very open look, and now the work is entirely another industry, he is studying with the feelings of doing things, and in the future to go with the flow. Asked Baseball Classic at the performance of the Chinese team is expected when Lee Chu-ming said that need not be too pessimistic, mainly depends on-spot performance.
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upntaipeinews-3/2-10-taipei dinner news-taipei city news Hao Grand Hotel Mayor to inspect the fire damage snow instructed an ad hoc group of related units investigate the cause of the fire and all the old hotel for the city overall inspection --
Mayor Hao Grand Hotel fire inspections snow disaster instructed relevant agencies to set up ad hoc group to investigate the cause of the fire and all the old hotel for the city overall inspection

Yesterday (2) On the early morning snow, Taipei Grand Hotel, Taiyuan Road, a fire broke out, Mayor Hau Lung-bin in the 10 o'clock to the scene to inspect the disaster. Hao Mayor at Fire Station to listen to the briefing, said the report was received after the fire, although in the 5-6 minutes to arrive at the scene and extinguished the fire within 30 minutes, but the fire from spreading at a fairly rapid pace, resulting in casualties, he has instructed the fire station and police set up a special team to investigate the cause of the fire, if man-made arson cases, zero-tolerance.

Mayor Hao pointed out that the big snow this year, although the hotel one month through the spring of an inspection, public security and safety are in line with the provisions of extinction, but the hotels are in 62 years to obtain a license to use the old buildings, and interior decoration are the use of inflammable materials , the mayor and asked both the Board and the Fire Services Board ad hoc group was formed in Taipei all the old hotels compartment and escape equipment, the overall inspection.

Because of fires caused by 7 people were killed and one person injured, said Mayor Hao, membership-based society will be issuing the death of the city's public disaster慰助gold 20 million, non-domiciled people in the city for issuing condolences Kim 2 million, the city will also be to assist families of foreign nationals to the industry claims, and know whether or not the hotel insured accident liability insurance.

For the media asked whether the city's Bureau of Social Affairs has placed the elderly living alone in staying in hostels? Hao mayor said that by know, the elderly living alone is not a caring society Board object, but will be issued with a Veteran's Pension payments veterans who live alone.

Taipei City Fire Department pointed out, it depends on at 2:42 on March 2 received a public report to the immediate dispatch of disaster relief vehicles, 25 fire engines were dispatched, the ambulance 13, 106 firefighters into rescue, fire at 3:11 Fight.

March 2, 2009 Monday
upntaipeinews-3/2-28-president news-President to attend the 2009 Taipei International Machine Tool Exhibition Opening Ceremony
President to attend the 2009 Taipei International Machine Tool Exhibition Opening Ceremony

President Ma Ying-jeou this morning to attend the 2009 Taipei International Machine Tool Exhibition opening ceremony, carried out for the exhibition After the speech.
President said that the only machine tool exhibitions over the years are the largest, but also hit a record of domestic exhibitions were the use of the WTO one, two, three World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall the four venues. Taiwan's machine tool industry in this wave of downturn, and despite the growth trend is very rare.
President pointed out that in last year's turmoil in the economic downturn, Taiwan still has a trade surplus of 14.8 billion U.S. dollars, while the brilliant performance of machine tools, and its output growth is still 5-6%, ranking fifth in the world, export value of the fourth world, which than the machine tools industry in other large countries such as Germany, Italy, Japan, mainland China is Taiwan's population of 2-56 times that of Taiwan in this field an important position in the world, quite not an easy task. The president said the Taiwan machine tool manufacturers is not capital, but it can be flexible on the lower reaches of the different combination of resources, the formation of industry cluster, it is admirable.
President further said that Taiwan's economy must request a new change in the export, in addition to "not put all our eggs in one basket", but also to expand domestic demand to strengthen the program. At present, the Government on the one hand, to help export firms to the external one, on the other hand, expanding domestic demand through programs to stimulate the economy. President stressed that exports are the lifeblood of our economy, so a few days ago the Government to promote "Xinzheng and plan," hope that through three security project, grab a single project, plans to chase the deer, whales trade program, as well as to join the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) and other programs to assist the expansion of export industry of kinetic energy to occupy the mainland market to keep abreast of the old business opportunities, explore new business opportunities.
President also stressed that he believed that Taiwan's enterprises, toughness, flexibility and creativity, must be able to attract more orders and hopes to expand through export, expanding domestic demand to promote the program, Taiwan can be, as in the past, in the world economic system head Moving.
Subsequently, the President went to the exhibition venue, visit Jiande industrial, mechanical and electrical Renqing hung, Taichung Machinery and YCM yongjin machinery stalls, know the status of machine tools industry.
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upntoday-3/2-27-taipei dinner news-chien-hung蔡勋Fan rust and common administration invited the country, prosecution, police and heads of counties and cities to study and solve the gravel poaching, mafia involvement and construction of earth and the remaining questions
Chief members of Fan-hung蔡勋common rust and invited national administration, prosecution, police and heads of counties and cities to study and solve the gravel poaching, mafia involvement and construction of earth and the remaining questions
To address the concerns of public opinion gravel topics, including earth and rock poaching, mafia involvement, gravel supply and demand, gravel trucks transport and disposal of soil treatment and other issues, the Chief members蔡勋Fan rust and hung from 98 years of the Executive Yuan on February 18 the 7th will be reported to the Chief刘院长instructions, in 98 years March 2 common invited the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Communications, Works Council, the Ministry of the Interior, Council of Agriculture, Government Information Office and other ministries, as well as the National Prosecutor's Office and places county deputy magistrate of the municipal government, at the Executive Yuan convened meetings to study and fix the solution.
The meeting will be hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior, respectively, "to prevent poaching and rock and gravel supply and demand situation," "gravel trucks transport management problem", "sand and gravel operations to curb the mafia involvement" and "the remaining construction of earth and stone questions deal with "and so on, propose countermeasures, political commissar of the two would be in addition to the powers and responsibilities of the Department will be asked to do in accordance with the instructions刘院长implement solutions, but also directed the following important conclusions:

First, the powers and responsibilities of agencies should be based on the entire river basin management concept, in the flood season for the former to strengthen river dredging, governance circles above the sediment and rock野溪to avoid the rocks of disaster from happening again.

Second, please cf county municipal water department, and the Forestry Bureau水保局practices, counties and cities to speed up setting tube drainage of rivers and regional dredging standards and operating norms, county municipal government who wish to customize the autonomy regulations, please try in the first half of 98 year to complete.

Three, please the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Communications, Water Resources Agency,水保局, Forestry Bureau and related agencies set up high-level contacts dredging communication platform to enhance the morale of junior officers dredging operation to remove the outside world and the implementation of first-line Tongren concerns to ensure that contractors Tongren dormant courage no worries.

Four, for long-term exploitation of land and river rock to take gravel dredging area, place the requirements to build gravel trucks lane section, the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Ministry of Communications invited the county and city governments and related agencies to study and set up in order to avoid accidents happen and reducing environmental pollution.

The main objective of the meeting is to allow the policy to set the central ministries, the investigation police seized illegal units and the relevant implementing agencies and local governments can face-to-face communication, mutual understanding of the substance of policy priorities and implementation The difficult question. Fan pointed out that the political commissar of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Water Resources Agency since 95 years with the Executive Yuan instructed dispersed material sources and to keep its prices down on the gravel supply policy, the introduction of river dredging sand and gravel mining on sale separation system, that is dredging and rock and separated for sale, because of the exploitation of gravel and sand to obtain the same people who are not effectively reduce the excessive extraction of incentives and the creation of control points, loadometer control, the preservation of a 24-hour surveillance system, such as strict measures to control, dredging has been difficult to have over-exploitation or stolen sand stone violations occur, caused by the outside world and prosecutors unit, and certainly agree that an effective job of upgrading the contractor Tongren enthusiasm and their aspirations, are working well.

Gravel on the problem, the Government will continue to the next whole concept of watershed management for the middle and lower reaches and the upper reaches of rivers野溪implement both the sand and gravel processing mechanism and policy, while the remaining construction of earth and stone, the present project with the Ministry of the Interior has common to develop short-and long-term measures, the future will be both regular way related authorities in accordance with strict requirements for the content measures. In order to effectively deal with another problem, the future will be the establishment of its executive agencies and between law enforcement agencies in an inter-ministerial communication and coordination platform, and to the strengthening of grass-roots members of the public Tongren and advocacy work, education policy and the focus of the Act to avoid repeat violations happen in order to effectively implement the the director's instructions, so that the remaining construction of earth and gravel and the problem is effectively resolved, and all kinds of construction resources recycling can effectively, adapt to the global trend of energy-saving carbon Province.

In future, further complemented by the implementation of these measures can further eliminate the first line of Tongren was challenged or collusion between the Government and poaching have caused the defects of gravel concerns, Tongren related to the mentality of a more honest and responsible attitude, positive and safe for all the rivers on the upstream, midstream and downstream drainage facilities and dredging operations, so that people from the waterlogged nightmare as soon as possible. (E)
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upntoday-3/2-26-taipei dinner news-97-year analysis of cross-strait trade situation
97 years of cross-strait trade situation analysis
The contents of one volume change
1-12 month of my 97 years on the Chinese mainland's total trade was 105.4 billion U.S. dollars, compared with the previous (96) year growth of 3.1 percent over the same period, representing my country's total foreign trade 21.2 percent over the same period, the proportion over the same period decreased by 0.7 percentage points; one of exports to 73.98 billion U.S. dollars, representing a 0.4 percent decline a year earlier, accounting for 28.9% of my total exports, the proportion over the same period by 1.2 percentage points; imports amounted to 31.42 billion U.S. dollars, representing a year-on-year growth of 12.1 percent, accounting for 13 of my total imports %, the proportion over the same period increased by 0.2 percentage points; trade surplus was 42.57 billion U.S. dollars, representing a 7.9 percent decline a year earlier.
97 years of my mainland Chinese import growth outperformed exports and imports over the same period to increase the amount of 3.4 billion U.S. dollars, 13 percent growth in exports over the same period the amount of reduction of 260 million U.S. dollars, declining 0.4% in total trade volume of imports at the Firm support, although the increase over the same period 3.14 billion U.S. dollars, provided that the increase has shrunk to 3.1%, as in previous years of strong double-digit growth varies greatly; another of my Chinese mainland's trade surplus in the export performance, it has been over a year to reduce the 3.67 billion U.S. dollars. To put it simply, I am in China overall trade performance, as expected. However, mainland China is still my No. 1 trading partner, largest export market, paragraph 1, article 2 largest source of imports and the largest source of trade surplus.
Looking at the whole year of my 97 on mainland China's export trade situation, the first half of the mainland Chinese economy has continued to be strong growth, pushing up my LCD panels, electronic products, such as a competitive advantage demand, coupled with the continued surge in international oil prices I petroleum products, organic chemicals, such as projects on the Chinese mainland is also a substantial increase in the value of domestic exports, induced by 97-year January-June on my value of total exports of the mainland Chinese as much as 40.58 billion U.S. dollars, and the monthly growth rate showed a double-digit performance (growth rate were 14.6%, 29.6%, 21.8%, 18.5%, 25.2% and 23.4%), so the first half of my mainland China is a very excellent export performance.
However, since September, the radius of the global financial storm continues to expand under the influence of mainland China's economic growth delay, which will impact on the demand for my products, particularly electronics-related products at the most strongly, so my September-December of total exports to mainland China not only a recession, and recession in the monthly rate of amplification, especially in November, December's rate of recession is as high as 38.7 percent and 53.2 percent, according to the magnitude of deep recession has been rarely seen in recent years, caused by me throughout the year in mainland China The value of domestic exports only reached 73.98 billion U.S. dollars, has been declining over the same period by 0.4%, breaking the 91 years since the sustained double-digit growth pattern. Composite words, my 97-year export performance of China's mainland has first-sheng, Department of momentum after the failure, but to observe other countries export to the other side of the case, also mostly the same with our country.
At present, national economies have entered into a recession, one of the U.S. economy hit particularly badly, considering I am in mainland China export department for this wave of economic recession in the biggest impact of the electronic and information products, but also China and the Chinese mainland and out the United States and other markets with high import-linked, if sustained economic recession in the United States, mainland China's economic growth has continued to weaken Rikidozan, then (Prospect) 98 years of my mainland China's export trade performance, may be hard to maintain the previous boom.
Recalling the 97 years since China's imports of my situation, the first half of mainland China because of my exports are still strong growth in cross-strait industrial division of labor, the Product Driven me on the other side of the substantial demand for imports, so my 97-year January-June imports from China amounted to 16.18 billion U.S. dollars, representing a year-on-year increase of 23.1 percent growth; but by the second half of my mainland China and global export performance impact are less than ideal, I demand for products in mainland China have also been adjusted in September from the other side of me since the beginning of the slowdown in import growth, 10-December showed the phenomenon of recession, and recession in the monthly rate of expansion to 2%, respectively, 9.4% and 31.4%, so 97 for the full year of imports amounted to 31.45 billion U.S. dollars, growth rate of 23.1 percent from the first half fell to 12.1 percent for the near 7-year low; but at the proportion of imports, the result of my 97 years since Japan, the United States and South Korea, the proportion of imports than the same period last year reduced the relative Yuan MY imports from China accounted for me since the proportion of world imports has been increased to 13 percent, the highest for many years.
At the trade surplus, the 97 years of my values, although the Chinese mainland's trade surplus reached 42.57 billion U.S. dollars, but over the previous year has been reduced by 3.66 billion U.S. dollars, mainly imported from China my performance substantially exceeded the growth of exports due to (see Table 1 and Figure 1).

Second, the goods of other structures
(A) the export part
The basis of China's Customs statistics, the 97-year January-December exports to Chinese mainland my top 10 commodity items were electrical equipment and parts thereof, optical products and parts, plastics and its products, machinery appliances and parts thereof, organic products, steel, copper and its products, fossil fuels, man-made fibers, silk, miscellaneous chemical products and so on, more than the total output of goods reached 64.52 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for my share of exports to mainland China's 87.2% (details
The above-mentioned products, with the exception of optical products and parts thereof (the export value of 13.15 billion U.S. dollars, growing 13.5%), organic chemicals (4.68 billion U.S. dollars, growing 12.4%) and fossil fuels (2.09 billion U.S. dollars, growing 194 percent) continued to grow outside, etc. Yu have a recession. Among them, optical products and parts thereof for me one of the most competitive advantages, the first half due to the volume and price co-ordination and the value of domestic exports to mainland China as much as 7.72 billion U.S. dollars, and are not afraid of the same period last year base period of high growth of factors 64.3 percent, ranking the first half of my strong exports to mainland China's main power source of growth, outstanding performance; but since the second half of the industry caused by the poor economy sharply Order, the major manufacturers have to take rest and lay-offs and other measures in response to strong under China's export growth began to slow down or even recession each month, 11 months, 12 months decline rate is as high as 50.4% and 72.7%, caused by the product of the annual export value of China's growth rate dropped to 13.5 percent, with the first half of the growth performance varies greatly.
At the other aspects of electrical equipment and parts thereof, according to the product on the other side of the exports in recent years have outstanding results, and growth are as high as double-digit growth for the past few years my Driven total exports to mainland China were to maintain double-digit growth in the most main item. Products subject to the 97-year export value of 26.66 billion U.S. dollars, has been declining over the same period by 7.8%, which were always my exports to mainland China one of the first major product project, so the recession situation has become my 97 years of Chinese total exports of the mainland can not be Victoria's most important growth factors. To explore the phenomenon of the recession, mainly due to further breakdown of its main products - the body circuits and components (HS8542), electric sound or visual signaling apparatus (HS8531), respectively, over the same period of recession and 6.9 percent due to 31.2%.
Based on the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Statistics Department released information shows that 97 years in August since my Chinese mainland (including Hong Kong) the amount of orders received 8.9 percent decline, breaking the nearly 6 years after the pattern of sustained growth, 97 years on me in September that China's export of a negative growth of 14.5%, reaction orders immediately effect; another me since September to December in the region continues to decline orders and gradually expanded, as at 98-year rate in January of the recession as much as 54.7 percent, as the leading orders significance Therefore, my 98 years in mainland China exports continued to decline, would have difficulty avoiding.
(B) imports
The basis of China's Customs statistics, the 97-year January-December my imports from China top 10 commodity items were electrical equipment and parts thereof, machinery appliances and parts thereof, iron and steel, fossil fuel, optical products and parts, miscellaneous chemical products , organic chemicals, plastics and its products, vehicles and their parts, soil and stone (gray) and other products, more than the total 24.73 billion U.S. dollars of goods, accounting for my share of imports from China was 78.7%, with the exception of seven percent over the same 7 The proportion has increased 1.7 percentage points, also shows my imported products from China have been increasingly concentrated project trends (see Table 4,5 and Figure 3).
The above-mentioned products, with the exception of electrical equipment and parts thereof (9.8 billion U.S. dollars in import value), plastic products (650 million U.S. dollars) worth of imports over the same period the growth of only 4% and 5.5%, growth slowed down more things, more than have double-digit growth. Among them, electrical equipment and parts thereof in the product area for the purpose of import growth near a record low of 6 years (at 91-95 years ranged from 31.2% ~ 39.6%, the 96-year, compared with 9.4%), but still I am from China one of the first major import products, and imports up 31.2 percent share, representing year-on-year increase of 1.5 percentage points. Another performance of the import growth of more and more lines for the mineral products, miscellaneous chemicals, vehicles and their components and other products, import increases were as high as the growth of more than 4.
In view of my Chinese mainland and the world's export trade continued recession in the export of kinetic energy to reduce the impact and effect of import demand, the 98 year of my fear of mainland China's imports also declined.
Three, China major source of import growth compared
Based on the mainland Chinese customs statistics, 97 in 1-12 months in mainland China amounted to 1 trillion in imports 113.47 billion U.S. dollars, representing a year-on-year growth of 18.3 percent, the top 10 largest source of imports were Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, Germany, Australia , Malaysia, Saudi-Arabia, Brazil and Thailand, the top 10 largest source of imports amounted to 658.24 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for the amount of China's total imports of 58.2 percent (see Table 6).
China's annual import volume 97 the first time exceeded one trillion trillion reached 113.47 billion U.S. dollars, continuous innovation of high, but by the global financial turmoil has affected the relative demand for imports, its import growth rate compared with the same period has slightly slowed down. Another on the other side of the top 10 largest source of imports has also been a slight adjustment, with the exception of the top five ranking unchanged line to maintain the existing pattern, another Saudi-Arabia this year has been replaced by the Philippines, the first time the list ranked eighth, and the other will replace Brazil, Russia, the first time to enter the Chinese mainland ranked ninth top ten.
Observation of these countries import market in China's growth performance, based on rich oil, ore and raw materials resources of the country performed best. Since the Chinese mainland such as Saudi-Arabia, Brazil and Australia, respectively, for the amount of imports of 31.07 billion U.S. dollars, 29.63 billion U.S. dollars and 36.28 billion U.S. dollars, while imports growth, respectively, compared with a year earlier Gundam 77.1,61.6%, 40.9%, not only with mainland China's total imports of 18.3 percent growth rate higher than many other country and significantly exceeded the growth performance of the three caused the proportion of the total of imports has increased 2.13 percentage points. Another Japan, Korea and China are based on electronic information and other related products a competitive advantage, China is still home before 3 largest source of imports, import value of 150.63 billion U.S. dollars each, 112.15 billion U.S. dollars and 103.33 billion U.S. dollars, but import growth with the previous year compared to only 12.5%, respectively, 7.8% and 2.3%, far below the Chinese mainland's total imports growth performance, which is defined by the performance of China's most vulnerable, according to Taiwan, Japan, South Korea's total imports of the three proportion has been substantially reduced over the same period as much as 3.09 percentage points, this with the above-mentioned Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Australia have a natural mineral resources at the major trading partners on the other side of the import market and play an increasingly important role on the.
After 97 years the global financial tsunami, the national economies have been subject to varying degrees, depending on the major international institutions predict that China, the United States, Europe, Japan and other major country will be plunged into recession, only mainland China can still maintain a considerable degree growth, so the majority of countries consider salty Chinese mainland will become the next wave of world economic recovery led by the main driving force; also boost the economy in mainland China for the launch of 4 trillion yuan measures to expand domestic demand and a modest relaxation of the past, more austerity macro-control measures such as trade environment, all major countries are actively engaged in fighting with the Chinese mainland to carry out all aspects of cooperation, it is the future of my industry in mainland China on import market, will face more business opportunities, but also subject to more severe challenges. To help me fighting for a vast number of domestic demand and business opportunities in mainland China and opportunities for cooperation, the Council "Xinzheng and plan" has been the first time in mainland China as a major sales targets, in response to industry转攻the mainland's domestic market needs and expectations by the measures implemented, and my fight against the industry current grim international economic environment, and to assist in drainage and open up again the success of China and the global market.
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upntoday-3/2-25-taipei dinner news-high-Port Board with "naval training detachment 98 years away" open house call the implementation of anti-corruption advocacy
Gaogang Board with "naval training detachment 98 years away" open house call the implementation of anti-corruption advocacy

Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau to reaffirm the Government's anti-corruption determination Hennessy stimulate anti-corruption public awareness, train law-abiding citizens to understand the concept of this (3) on Day 8 morning 10-16 am and 9 am the day 10-14, the tie in with the Navy 98 much training in handling domestic traffic circle flight detachment training, opening up opportunities for people to visit, to implement anti-corruption advocacy in order to set up the image of clean government; the council at the same time in the event outside for satisfaction questionnaire and provide advocacy distribute goods and souvenirs people are welcome to take part in public.
Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau said that the Tainan area to serve the people, it provides安平港1-3 to tie in with the Navy Pier 98 years training detachment far roundabout route for domestic training, the Navy in the (3) morning on 8 am and 10-16 Day 9 10-14 morning, the opening up of people visit, and the dispatch of Wuchang, Chengde warships open for public visit, please everyone take the opportunity.
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upntoday-3/2-24-taipei dinner news-the Taipei Customs Bureau seized incoming passengers carrying ivory attempted to pass through the protected
Taipei Customs Bureau seized incoming passengers carrying ivory attempted to pass through the protected
"Tariff" 2009/3/2
Taipei Customs Bureau said that before the night, the Bureau in the Ministry of the Interior National Police Administration Air Police Department security officer in the execution of the first Dragonair flight KA488 times checked baggage inspection, they found a suspicious baggage, as soon as the mention of the nationality of passengers from the Wu baggage from the Green Line (from declaring) Units passage, passengers and their baggage is about to move to the red line (should declare) Units inspection, suspected protected ivory seized a length 50 cm, weight 903 grams. People by the Wildlife Center Virtual forensic identification, is now recognized as a protected species like the ivory of Health, has been involved in the case of goods not in accordance with the law means.
The council said, according to the Wildlife Conservation Law Article 24, paragraph 1 provides that the wild animals in vivo and protected species of wildlife products, non-by the central competent authority shall not be imported or exported. Another in accordance with the Act article 40, paragraph 1, paragraph 1, in violation of Article 24, paragraph 1 provides, the Department in June for more than 5 years imprisonment and a 300,000 yuan Branch NT fine of more than 1,500,000 yuan. With Article 52, paragraph 1 provides that an offense under section 40 of the crimes, seized the protected wild animals and their products have to confiscate them. Opened on the provisions of the serious penalties, the council called on people not to misuse the law tread.

The council said that without quarantine from abroad to bring wildlife and its products into Hong Kong may be derived from infectious disease-related problem, more likely to further undermine our natural environment, the risk of causing ecological imbalance; In particular, the Authority calls upon the people to travel outside the country, the not to buy illegal wildlife protected products or other prohibited items to carry in order to avoid the law punished, suffer.
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upntoday-3/2-23-financial news-, Polaris Securities Co., Ltd. who, in violation of the securities business management laws and regulations of the disciplinary case
Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan Securities and Futures Bureau Daily Message (February 27)

Next, open the issuing company, such as dynamic

One is expected to take effect March 2.

Second, do not continue cases of public offering.

Three, Asia Chemical Co., Ltd. (listed companies in 1715) before the Executive Yuan's Financial Supervisory Commission 97 December 9 FSC certification letter word No. 0970065080 agreed to declare the entry into force of its first domestic convertible bonds has secured a total of NT 600 million yuan乙案, have been put on the revocation.

Second, amendments to financial reporting and futures trader table book format and content of notice to declare Checklist

Participation, Department Emperor Tian Industrial Co., Ltd. (OTC companies, code 9915) is responsible for person fines case

First, the time punishment: 98 years February 27

Second, the punishment object: Emperor Tian Industrial Co., Ltd. is responsible for the acts of people林永清jun.

Third, punishment based on the Act: the Securities Exchange Act of article 36 bis 1, Company public offering to acquire or dispose of an asset deal with guidelines for Article 30, paragraph 4 and 5 and so forth.

Four, in violation of truth reasons: Emperor Tian Industrial Co., Ltd. to engage in derivatives transactions is not a monthly basis to 97 months to one year in October to engage in foreign exchange derivatives trading information, in the meeting notice on the 10th for a declaration was not until 97 years until December 10 for loss of correction notices, etc..

Friday, punishment results: according to the Securities Exchange Act of Article 178, paragraph 1, paragraph 7, section 179 provides that the company's punishment for the people responsible for acts of NT 240,000 yuan fine.

The meantime, Polaris Securities Co., Ltd. who, in violation of the securities business management laws and regulations of the disciplinary case

First, the time punishment: 98 years February 27

Second, the object of punishment: Polaris Securities Co., Ltd. Tucheng蔡素娥branch business.

Third, punishment based on the Act: Securities Dealers person responsible for personnel management and business rules of Article 18, paragraph 3 and of Securities Dealers rules in article 2, paragraph 2.

Four, in violation of truth reasons: Polaris Securities Co., Ltd. Tucheng branch operations personnel have not蔡素娥customer purchase information to fund managers for the transaction to confirm the implementation of, and did not save customers purchase a certificate of non-fund-related, nuclear has been a contravention of Securities and Exchange Act.

Friday, punishment results: according to the Securities Exchange Act section 56 provides that an order of Polaris Securities Co., Ltd.蔡素娥salesman to stop the implementation of the operational one-month action.

Wu, Yuan-Da Futures Co., Ltd. punishment in violation of Futures Management Act case

First, the time punishment: 98 years February 27

Second, the object of punishment: Yuanta Futures Co., Ltd.

Third, punishment based on the Act: Futures Law article 119, paragraph 1, paragraph 2, futures managed to article 3, paragraph 1, paragraph 3.

Four, in violation of truth reasons: Yuanta Futures Inc. failed to report changes to business premises, nuclear has been a contravention of Futures Management Act.

Friday, punishment Results: Futures Act in accordance with article 119, paragraph 1, paragraph 2, of Yuanta Futures Co., Ltd. NT Department fined 120,000 yuan.
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upntoday-3/2-22-taipei dinner news-CharmmyKitty the stage for the first time the whole family limited exclusive gifts
CharmmyKitty the stage for the first time
Exclusive limited edition gift the whole family

Fun to greet the spring, the family convenience store Japan Sanrio rookie "CharmmyKitty" traveled around Taiwan! 2 / 24 ~ 3 / 23, the family started "春のquarter Fun" activities, exclusive access to Japan's Sanrio authorized to issue four "CharmmyKitty" Fun Card affixed. As long as a single purchase, "春のquarter Fun" activities designated merchandise any two, you can access a limited number of cards and cute stickers.

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upntoday-3/2-taipei dinner news-15-21 news
March 2, 2009 Monday
upntaipeinews-3/2-21-taipei sport news-98 annual alternative sports service scheduled for March 2 from the admissibility of役男national team reserve player selection for application operations,
98 year easements alternative exercise scheduled for March 2 from the admissibility of役男national team reserve player selection for application operations, the Executive Yuan, Sports Committee, said this year's alternative service sport sports category of reserve players has 135 posts, PE Class 23 administration, sports science and information of the six categories, sports injury protective member 12, 10 physiotherapists, a building or civil engineering, one of reserve players, including some 16 kinds of sports such as track and field, will serve as the assistance of Canton in 2010 Games and promote sports to enhance athletic strength training and other services. Eligible for alternative service sport sports category役男of the country's reserves at役政units to apply for alternative service exercise would be required before the application to participate in relevant associations for the "役男national team reserve player selection," and made Authority certification body before exercise served as a priority to apply for alternative service qualifications, the selection from March 2 until day 6 only the admissibility of application.

Another pass a college entrance examination sports administration, physiotherapists, sports injury prevention member card, at home and abroad Sports Institute majoring in exercise science or sports administration and management, recreational sports management, sports sociology, sports education in related fields, sports health departments or related departments, with track and field, swimming, gymnastics, taekwondo, weightlifting, judo, shooting, archery, table tennis, badminton, baseball, tennis and other sports skills and take part in 96 or 97 once the national college sports (limited to Group A) or 96 years National Games, the sport of baseball expertise, and once 97 years take part in the National League Baseball Spring Group, the study can be found attached to prove that practice proved that the Service has proved that over the years report card, certificate or entry areas of research to prove and other related documents, in the 98 years until April 1 only to the 14 day役政the Ministry of the Interior Department to apply.

On "alternative sports service reserve players national team selection notes" and other relevant information and test information can track the type of contact sports federations affiliated inquiries. Sports expertise to the application made役男National Sports Commission issued役男reserve team players are eligible for certificates and other conditions of eligibility shall be in 98 years to apply for alternative service役男operating period (April 1 to April 14 day only), go to the Ministry of the Interior Department役政site (http://www.nca.gov.tw) "alternative operating system to apply for information," basic personal information and sign the election to serve another, organs (other easements, institutions, time One may not be selected again after the change), holders of this certificate or attached the relevant supporting documents and registered self-addressed envelope (to send a notice approved by) to the household registration offices to apply for "Please not to call for alternative service," and at the closing date of application day (98 years April 14) by registered post before the Ministry of the Interior Department役政(540 Chung Hsing New Village, Nantou County Nantou City Guangming Road 21) to complete application procedures.

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